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Play with Alia Bhatt: mid-day reviews game on Bollywood actress


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The latest addition to mobile games centered around Bollywood actors is based on the industry’s youngest superstar, Alia Bhatt, who helps gamers reach the peak of stardom by guiding and assisting them in daily activities.

Alia BhattAlia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt: The Star Life lets users experience the fame, fashion, and masala of Bollywood by letting them perform various tasks as instructed, guided by the actor’s online avatar. Tasks range from getting your hair washed at Alia’s favourite city salon, followed by a makeover by Alia to walking the red carpet in exotic locations around the world, as well as hitting B-town parties.

Each player can select their own avatar and gender at the beginning of the game. Use your energy bars to complete tasks, spend money to procure items, and try your best not to get a negative review on social media (this is all in-game) from Alia’s friends and colleagues.

Questions asked by Alia are multiple-choice in nature, with each answer leading to a relatively different outcome in the game. As gamers successfully complete the required tasks, their XP level keeps increasing, culminating in a higher gamer level for the player. The game, although it involves only selecting suitable answers and half-hearted swipes, is a clear indication of the fan following that the young Bollywood star enjoys, as it already has over a million downloads. It may not be a detailed or layered game by general gaming standards, but what it does have is a lot of intricate details. Also the different outcomes that are a result of multiple-choice questions, keeps the momentum of the game intact. The question then arises: should you play with Alia? If you are a teenage girl or even a curious Bollywood lover, we say, give it a go. If not, you won’t lose out.

While the app is free, in-app goodies can be procured by completing tasks over a period of time. However, for those looking for a shorter route to fame, in-app purchases range from anywhere between R10 to R3,100 per item.

A word to the wise: Consume your energy bars for assigned tasks as they take time to replenish.

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