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Tech: 5 smart tips to free storage space on Android smartphones


Tech: 5 smart tips to free storage space on Android smartphones

Though smartphones are coming with higher internal storage capacity, yet we users feel that our phones suffer from ‘storage space deficiency’. Bigger media files, heavy apps, and hundreds and thousands of images stored in the phone are the main reasons behind inadequate inbuilt storage capacity.

Lack of storage space in smartphones not only prevent us from downloading new apps, but also from updating an existing app. Almost all of have faced a pop-up error on our screen mentioning “Insufficient storage available” while updating an existing app. The same error alert pops up when we try to use the camera for clicking photos, downloading attachments or opening an application.

So, if you are looking for ways to get rid of inadequate inbuilt memory issue, then take a look at these smart hacks:

1. Delete already downloaded files: There is a central Download folder in Android which stores all downloaded files, starting from images to zip files, and video. Clearing old downloaded files will make more room for internal storage.

2. Clear cache: Clear cache and data to increase inbuilt memory. Though this is a temporary solution, yet for the time being it is of great help to users. Cache and data can be cleared manually.

3. Scan device: Scanning the device helps user to find out which apps or games are occupying more space. Accordingly, users can uninstall the particular app or game and make room for more space.

4. Download ‘Lite’ apps: at times there are two variants of apps, one the normal app, and the other is the ‘Lite’ app. ‘Lite’ app consumes less space as well as less internet.

5. Transfer apps to microSD card: If there is an option of inserting a microSD card, then utilize it to the core by transferring applications. However, remember that only a part of the app will be moved to the microSD card. Yet, using a microSD card for storing apps is better than making the device suffer from ‘storage deficiency’.

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