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Tech: These cool speakers will ensure sound in different shapes


For campus cool
Though not wireless, the Philips SPA-50R works fine with the USB jack to procure music from your phone or laptop. This pair is perfect for teenagers and students who are music lovers but cannot afford expensive models. The 3W (RMS) also has a rotary volume control and requires a 3.5 mm jack for operation.
COST: Rs 424

Lights and sound
The Roboster Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker comes with LED lights. It also has a calling feature, FM radio and a slot for an SD card. It scores on the design front. This device can be your lamp, radio and sound box at night. It weighs 118 gm and is best placed in shelves or beside your alarm clock
by the bed.
COST: Rs 299

An ode to transistors
Remember the transistor your grandfather heard cricket commentary on? Now, you can have a similar device and play the same commentary through Bluetooth via YouTube. The Philips BT64B Portable speakers have a compact design and an easy audio-in connection. The built-in microphones allow you to switch from listening to music to
taking calls. And yes, it has FM too.
COST: Rs 1,199

For an easy grip
Portronics POR-280 Sound Pot, weighing 249 gm, is a delight to hold. The cylindrical speaker fits perfectly in your palms. It shuts down automatically if not in action for more than 10 minutes, saving charge. The in-built battery also provides a six-hour backup. It can stand on an even platform and recline on your bed. Switch your Bluetooth on or connect with aux cables.
COST: Rs 1,116
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